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We’ve Got Your Back

A message from Diane Sugars, Executive Director,

SurreyCares Community Foundation

We recognize that these are particularly hard times for nonprofits and charities in our community who are working to adjust programs and services in order to continue critical work through the COVID-19 pandemic. Many have had to modify or cancel programs and events in order to protect not only clients and staff but the general public as well.

We know that social distancing strategies being implemented to help to slow the pace of this virus and limit its impact on the most vulnerable in our community are impacting both the work and the bottom line of our vital non-profit sector who are on the front lines of our community.

It is important that we continue to learn from each other, ask for help and share resources, ideas and encouragement.

So how can we help?

As many of you know, SurreyCares grant applications for 2020 recently opened. We encourage registered charities serving our community to apply. We understand if timelines or funding agreement outcomes regarding grants may inadvertently be altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. We are taking measures to minimize impacts to the granting process.

And to our fundholders, we want to assure you that our investment experts continue to monitor the markets. The investment plans we have put in place are for times like this – to help put short term market fluctuations in the context of long-term goals As a policy we have a stabilization fund in place that has up to 3 years of minimum grant distribution set aside to be used in years where short term market fluctuations would otherwise prohibit us from granting out.

We are here for you, in good times, challenging times and times of community crisis.

Please prioritize personal hygiene by washing your hands often with soap, using hand sanitizer, and limiting person-to-person physical contact where possible (ie handshaking, hugging). For more reliable tips check out Health Canada and the World Health Organization.



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