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Charitable Organizations

Charities are increasingly seeking independence from uncertain grant funding. Creating an Agency Endowment, is a great way to build independence. And SurreyCares makes it easy, so all you do is collect your annual earnings! SurreyCares aims to generate a minimum of 4% return on investment annually.

Establishing an Agency Endowment Fund at your community foundation is a simple and efficient way to build an independent income for your charitable organization. Our experienced staff can help you plan, and manage the administrative details.

How It Works

  • Your board determines a long term sustainability goal for unrestricted funds to operate annually, or to undertake a programs.

  • You work with our knowledgeable staff to set up an Agency Endowmentfund agreement for your charity

  • The fund can be set up with as little as $10,000, which can be paid all at once, or over several years. Your fund can be added to at any time. Our online portal supports crowd funding initiatives that make fundraising campaigns fun.

  • Your organization receives regular statements on the fund.

  • We handle all of the financial management and administrative details.

  • A cheque is sent to you annually from earnings, according to your instructions. ​

Managed Funds

Planning a future Capital Campaign? Want a high rate of return on your investment without the money management headache? Need access to your funds in 10 or 20 years? A Managed Fund may be your answer. Minimum investments are required. For charitable organizations only.

For more information or to discuss your needs please call us at 604-591-2699.

Ready to get started?

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