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Toonies For Tomorrow 2023 Kick-Off Event at Taj Park raised $1115.35 for the Food For Everyone Fund.

We are excited to announce that $1,115.35 was raised at our "Toonies For Tomorrow" 2023 Kick-Off Event, held at and sponsored by Taj Park. Thank you to all of the local community members who supported the campaign's launch, which is working to fight against food insecurity in Surrey. Proceeds from this event and throughout the Toonies For Tomorrow campaign (now until February 23rd, 2023) will go towards the "Food For Everyone Fund." Non-perishable food donations will also be distributed to local charities.

The event was a great success! We received generous support from community members who stopped by to donate and chat with those representing SCCF.

"Give a toonie today; change someone's tomorrow."

One community member was so thrilled to support the Toonies For Tomorrow kick-off event she drove out from Cloverdale at 9:30 am to donate. This was 1.5 hours before the event started! She shared that she had heard about the Toonies For Tomorrow campaign and the kick-off event during a radio interview we did on Connect FM earlier that week. However, because she was busy during the actual time of the event, she decided to come by early in hopes that someone would be there to take her donation. The dedication and eagerness to participate in such an impactful campaign like Toonies For Tomorrow are greatly appreciated.

Our other dedicated donors stopped by during the event, where they could also chat with the SurreyCares team while enjoying some snacks and chai.

Thank you to Taj Park for hosting this event and bringing community-wide attention to the "Toonies For Tomorrow" campaign.

When asked why Taj Park decided to support SurreyCares Community Foundation, Karanvir Singh Thiara, SurreyCares Volunteer and Manager at Taj Park, shares, "I was raised here, and our family business is here. SurreyCares embodies what we believe in. We want to give back to our community. I have a one-year-old daughter who was born here. I want her to grow up in a city she can be proud of. SurreyCares funds programs that strengthen community and help children grow up in a safe environment."

We would also like to thank Global BC and CTV Vancouver for coming out to cover this important community-driven event and sharing the story on the news that evening.

Thank you to Nimmi Daula from Sher E Punjab Radio for coming to the event and spreading awareness. Thank you to Steve Kooner for coming out and supporting by promoting the event to his social media following.

We know that Surrey is amongst Canada's fastest-growing cities and is expected to become BC's largest city by 2030. Building a solid financial base for the Food For Everyone Fund is critical to supporting our community's growing and diverse needs, one of those significant needs being food security. Imagine if every community member is inspired to share their passion for the community by donating a Toonie. This would achieve the campaign goal of $1.22 million to support food security in our community!

"Support of this campaign is an important way to reduce hunger with dignity and to fulfill the founding donor's goal of ensuring that nobody in our community goes to bed hungry. This year we chose to focus our campaign on food security because many are struggling with the pressures of inflation. Good nutrition through culturally appropriate foods is essential to well-being. The fund is small and impactful, and we can do much more with your generosity. Thank you to Taj Park for hosting this kick-off event to do so," says Christine Buttkus, Executive Director SurreyCares Community Foundation.

The Food For Everyone Fund has already provided its first grant to the Fibromyalgia Wellspring Foundation's Food Hamper program. The fund will support many more organizations supporting the Surrey community in the future. With the community's support during the Toonies For Tomorrow campaign, we can do much more.

Last year's "Toonies For Tomorrow" campaign benefited the Smart and Caring Community Fund.

This year's "Toonies For Tomorrow" campaign addresses Social Development Goals 2 (Zero Hunger), 3 (Good Health and Well-Being), 10 (Reduced Inequality), and 17 (Partnerships toward the goals).



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