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Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Position: Community Cabinet Member

Works with: Cabinet Chair, Fund Development Manager, Community Cabinet

Our mission is to: Inspire Donors, Grow Endowments and Invest in People


The SurreyCares Community Foundation is a not-for-profit charitable organization that provides funding, financial administration, and research for the community.

SurreyCares is one of 200 community foundations across Canada that are members of Community Foundations of Canada.  Better known as a “charity for charities”, we serve the people of Surrey by working with community-minded individuals, families, businesses, and charitable agencies, to create permanent endowment funds and then use the income to support hundreds of charities.

SurreyCares provides annual grants in three categories. General Community (supports a wide variety of general initiatives and projects), Special Needs, and Youth Initiatives. 

Nature & Scope:

The Surrey Cares Community Foundation encourages members of the community to leave a meaningful and lasting legacy. 

For example, in 1994 Edwin and Francisca Darts donated their 7.5-acre garden to the City of Surrey and its citizens.  Their intention was to give Surrey its own garden to be used as a horticultural centre for the preservation, enhancement, and development of plants. 


Their original endowment of $200,000 now stands at over $4 million with our management, monies that will finance capital projects in the garden. Their original investment is still intact, and yet their gift will continue for many generations.

Our goal is to create a greater awareness of the wide variety of community impact that the foundation has had over the past 25+ years and encourage members of the community to consider donating to the Foundation so that we can continue our community impact for years to come.

Overview of Responsibilities:
Working closely with the Cabinet Chair and the Community Cabinet members, you will assist in the efforts of growing the awareness of the Surrey Cares Community Foundation in the community and raising funds.

In this role, you will:

  •  Work with Cabinet Chair, Fund Development Manager, and Cabinet members to identify and clear prospective donors to the Foundation.

  • Attend Community Cabinet meetings to review the progress of the campaign and to ensure its success.

  • Maintain periodic contact with your Surrey Cares Fund Development Manager to strategize on donor solicitation.

  • Engage other members in the Surrey Community with Surrey Cares.

  • Personally assist in the solicitation of select prospective donors and debrief all account interaction with your Chair and Committee.

  • Follow up as appropriate with your donors with the assistance of the Fund Development Chair.

  • Permit your name and photo to be used in promotional material.

  • Attend major events.

Time Commitment:
An average of 6-8 hours per month including all meetings, volunteer training, orientation and follow-up, donor calls, and special events.

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