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SurreyCares Community Foundation helps donors make a positive difference in our community, and in the lives of the people who live here.


SurreyCares Community Foundation was established thanks to a trust created by the Darts family. Francisca and Edwin Darts created a trust for their land to be preserved as a botanical garden for a millennium. They wanted to make sure that the stunningly beautiful Darts Hill Garden Park they created could be enjoyed for generations to come.

Their original endowment of $200,000, which got the Surrey Foundation going, now stands at $4 million. With our management, their legacy continues to grow and finance improvements and upkeep in the garden. Their original investment is still intact, and yet their gift will continue for many generations.


You can create your own Personal or Family Endowment Fund, you just need to make three decisions:


Decide when you want to donate
  • Donate immediately to an existing fund, including the SurreyCares Operating Endowment Fund.

  • Set up a new endowment fund immediately, and begin giving grants right away.

  • Set up a legacy endowment and contribute funds over time until you have enough to begin granting.

  • Give later through your estate. You can set up everything now to ensure your wishes will be met..


Choose the type of fund you'd like to create
  • Give a specific gift, or gifts, to one or more existing funds in a one-time donation.

  • Set up a Donor Advised Fund. You will be able to make grants to any registered Canadian charity, and have the option to change your wishes at any time.

  • Contribute to an existing Designated Fund, or create a new one. Your chosen charities will be granted to in perpetuity.


Determine the amount and method to use

Determine what you want to donate and what method to use.

  • Cheque

  • Credit Card

  • Publicly Traded Securities

  • Real or Personal Property

Options for giving later

  • Charitable Bequest


To learn more about giving as an individual or family please call us at 604-591-2699

We currently hold endowment funds for the following individuals and families. Click on the link to learn how you can support their work:

Bill & Dorothy Beirne Opportunity Fund: providing opportunities for tutoring/education and access to sporting activities and lessons for special needs children and youth.

Darts Hill Garden Park Fund: Darts Hill Garden is a legacy to the City of Surrey, with upkeep funded through this endowment.

Doug Hooser Heritage Fund: benefiting local charitable organizations involved in Heritage with an emphasis on, but not exclusively related to weaving and associated educational purposes.

John & Drew Hartree Memorial Fund: To help those at risk of homelessness get back on the road to sustainability.

Manjit Panghali  Memorial Fund: This fund awards a scholarship to a student graduating from Panorama High School

Jordan Powell Legacy Fund: We provide scholarships for Holy Cross Secondary School graduates pursuing music education


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Charitable Registraion: 892378043 RR0001

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We'd like to thank  photographer Rick Chapman for allowing us to use many of his amazing photos of life in Surrey.

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