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Giving through your business is easy with SurreyCares Community Foundation.

Make A Difference

You want to make a difference in the community today, and forever. And you can with a SurreyCares endowment fund. Endowment funds will provide community supports in your company name, forever.


An endowment fund may be opened with a one-time donation of $10,000 or more, paid all at once, or over time.  You can add to it at any time to increase impact.

Choose What To Support

You choose the charitable work that you want to support, such as youth, or education, or health, or social impact. Each year the interest from the endowment will be paid out to a charity. And you decide how involved to be when choosing a recipient. We can take care of all the work for you!


We are available to meet with your board of directors to answer any questions they may have about SurreyCares Community Foundation and our endowment program, finding the best fit for you.

​For more information or to discuss the needs of your company please call us at 604-591-2699

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