Thank you for taking the time to apply for a SurreyCares grant. Please read the information below before starting your grant application.
  • Grant applications are only accepted online. We recommend reading grant writing tips if you are new to the grant application process.

  • The categories for funding are; General Community, Youth and Special Needs. 

  • The maximum grant awarded is $5,000.


All applications must:

  • Include your correct mailing address, including suite number as this address will be used for official correspondence

  • Contain a 15 character charitable registration number, (Either your organization or a partner you may have to run your project must be a registered charity.) 

  • Submit the application along with the list of required documents as one unprotected document before the deadline.


The process:

  • The deadline to apply is noon on the last Friday in April. Late applications cannot be accepted.

  • Adjudication by the Grants Committee begins in early May.

  • All applicants will be notified of the SurreyCares Board decision sometime in June.

  • All application information must be submitted at the time of application.


Grants Committee Review

The Grants Committee is made up of Surrey community members from various sectors. The committee reviews the applications and makes recommendations to the SurreyCares Board to ensure:

  • There is a demonstrated need and demand for the project.

  • The outcomes of the project are clearly stated.

  • The organization has a history of delivering quality services or programs.

  • There is a clear benefit for the Surrey community and residents.


Awarded Grants

  • Grant ceremony attendance is mandatory for all successful applicants. Someone from your organization must be present. It does not need to be the person who submitted the application.

  • A final report for successful applicants is mandatory, which is due no later than November 30th. Failure to comply will result in exclusion from future grant application participation.


SurreyCares Community Foundation does not fund:

  • capital projects ie. New construction, expansion, renovation or replacement projects

  • purchase of major equipment (assets)

  • major maintenance or rehabilitation project for existing facilities

  • staff salaries

It is expected that the grant applicant organization fund the above items, while the SurreyCares grant funds other elements of the project.

Please Note:

SurreyCares will not fund any organization for more than three consecutive years. 

About the application form:

The application is set out in 4 sections.

  1. The Organization (contact information, registered charity number, list previous grants received from SurreyCares and describe your organizations' mission)

  2. The Project (You will be asked the total project cost, how much you are applying for and how the money will be used. Describe the project, it's goals, how the need for the project was determined, how many Surrey residents will benefit from the project, and how it will be evaluated)

  3. Authorization (This is a form which must be downloaded, completed and signed by your organization's authorized signatory)

  4. Documents The required documents include a detailed project budget, a list of your board of directors, financial statements for the prior year, operating budget for the current year and the completed and signed Grant authorization form.

  • Each section must have all of the required fields completed before you can move on to the next section.

  • You can save your work and continue later. When you save the form you will be given a link that you will have to save in order to access the form when you wish to continue.

  • You will be given the opportunity to preview your application before you submit it.

For questions, or if you have any issues applying online, please email