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Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society Provides Free and Comfortable Transportation for Cancer Patients

We've provided a $5,000 grant to the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society to assist with their cancer patient transportation program. Thanks to their team of volunteers, they provide free, reliable and compassionate transportation for cancer patients across the Lower Mainland even throughout COVID-19.

Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society recruits volunteer drivers who use their own vehicles to transport patients from their homes to a care facility. Then, they wait for the patient’s treatment to complete before providing a return trip home. The transportation is therefore provided by a trusted, empathetic and caring driver to ease the physical, emotional and financial burdens for their diverse demographic of patients, families and supporters. Since 2016, the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society has helped thousands of people and continues to do so as the need for their driving services continues to increase.

George McAffer, the Executive Vice President of Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society, shared that “the need for this service is high and continues to grow.” He pointed out that “without this service, many cancer patients will not attend all their treatments” so this transportation provides “a major comfort to patients while coping with this life-threatening disease.”

The grant is made possible through the Government of Canada's new $350 million Emergency Community Support Fund, which saw over $900,000 allocated to SurreyCares.

Christine Buttkus, Executive Director of SurreyCares, added that “the COVID-19 crisis has made it ever more important for patients with cancer to receive transportation to and from their appointments. This volunteer-led initiative is necessary to ensure patients receive timely treatment while reducing the stress of transportation during this time of increased health concern for vulnerable populations with medical conditions.”

The Emergency Community Support Fund is being delivered through a national partnership with Community Foundations of Canada, United Way Centraide Canada and the Canadian Red Cross.

Find out more about Volunteer Cancer Driver Services at



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