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The giving season has opened!

Each year after Black Friday comes the biggest global day of giving and volunteering, GivingTuesday! December 1st set forth a transformative show of appreciation through in-kind, financial and volunteer donations. This GivingTuesday, however, also signals a need for ongoing charitable engagement as we enter the holiday season wherein vulnerable populations are in greater need of aid. Now, more people and organizations are counting on support from community members and community foundations alike.

GivingTuesday harnesses the generosity of people like you, all around the world, to bring about real change in our communities; it provides an online platform to encourage donations of time and resources to address local challenges. Our Smart and Caring Surrey Community Fund is similar in that it helps us ensure flexibility in our granting process. With your donations, we can holistically support needs in Surrey as they arise. Urgency is a key factor in the grants we fund and still, there is no shortage of acuity.

Although we have yet to reach our goal of $75,000, we know that giving is a lifelong commitment that goes beyond GivingTuesday. This is a time to reflect on the community we want to live in and a reminder to think of others. While GivingTuesday amplifies the collective power of non-profits, organizations, businesses and corporations, as well as families and individuals who display kindness, it also demonstrates how funding is largely dependant on community members coming together.

Our Smart and Caring Surrey Community Fund provides a much-needed boost to community services and programs. With your donations, this fund can grow, and we can increase the number of organizations supported. This is of course a difficult time for everyone, but we ask for your continued support, whether it is by sharing our posts, mentioning us in conversations or donating to our funds.

Please help us raise $75,000 for our Smart and Caring Surrey Community Fund. Donate now at



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