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Reasons to Give This Holiday Season

As December starts and we begin planning our holiday shopping lists, it is important to consider giving to those in our community who are less fortunate. This time of the year is about giving to others. That is why we are listing three reasons to give to a cause you are passionate about this month.

Support Your Favourite Charity

In just the city of Surrey, there are over 1000 registered charities, according to CanadaHelps. Many charities support different causes, such as youth, seniors, low-income households, people worth disabilities, immigrants, animals, the environment, etc. With so many options, you will have no trouble finding a charity that you connect to.

If you are unsure which specific charity to donate to, consider donating to one of SurreyCares Community Foundation's funds that interest you. Your contributions to SurreyCares will support charities during the holidays, as well years to come.

Giving Is Good for You (& Your Wallet)

It is no secret that donating (through time or money) feels incredibly fulfilling, especially during the holidays. It makes you feel thankful for your good fortune and the opportunity to give where you can.

On top of feeling good about your contributions, many monetary donations to a charity are qualified for charitable tax credits. According to RCForward, these credits usually are worth 20-49% of the donation amount, so save those receipts.

If forming a sense of purpose within your community is important to you, donating to charity can contribute to that.

Leave an Impact, Even After the Holidays!

The holidays are a hard time for many in our community. Thus, it is a great time to support a charity. Raising funds and volunteering during this time is greatly appreciated as it helps those in need even after the holidays are over.

It is also essential to continue your charitable support once the giving season has passed so organizations can continue providing their services. Commit to an organization that you are passionate about and make time to volunteer or donate regularly, such as donating monthly to a fund at SurreyCares!

Use these three reasons to give this holiday season to contribute to your community!

To view our funds to donate to, visit:



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