Surrey Community Health Fund: Supporting programs or projects that improve the quality of health in the Surrey community. Created by Mill & Timber Products Ltd.

Smart and Caring – Surrey Community Fund: Give to the area of greatest need in our community, to support a broad range of local needs and projects of charitable organizations.

Surrey Metro Savings Endowment Fund: Supporting the general initiatives of charitable organizations. When possible this grant supports youth initiatives.

Women’s Equity Fund:  This fund was created to advance equality for women. 


The SRS Vocational Rehabilitation Fund: provides support to charities that assist individuals with special needs integrate into the workforce. Individuals with special needs includes individuals who may be employment challenged by conditions such as mental health issues, physical disability including sensory loss, learning disability or developmental delay.


Bill & Dorothy Beirne Opportunity Fund: providing opportunities for tutoring/education and access to sporting activities and lessons for special needs children and youth.

CIBC Wood Gundy Children’s Miracle Fund: CIBC Wood Gundy is dedicated to supporting youth programs and services in Surrey.

Coast Capital Savings Youth Fund: Coast Capital Savings focuses on funding youth-related projects.

Surrey Youth Endowment Fund: supporting local youth programs and services.

The Sommer Francis Financial Group Endowment Fund: Grants from this fund will support charities that support children and youth under the age of 20 years.



Indigenous Surrey Student Bursary Fund: This fund was created with an interest in social equity, to support graduating Indigenous students to achieve their educational and career goals.

Jordan Powell Legacy Fund: We provide scholarships for Holy Cross Secondary School graduates pursuing music education

Manjit Panghali  Memorial Fund: This fund awards a scholarship to a student graduating from Panorama High School

Surrey Education Fund: Providing annual scholarships to graduates of School District 36. The founding donors of this fund are the BC Retired Teachers Association Surrey Branch. 



Arts Council of Surrey Endowment: Supporting the performing, visual and literary arts in Surrey.​

Darts Hill Garden Park Fund: Darts Hill Garden is a legacy to the City of Surrey, with upkeep funded through this endowment.

Doug Hooser Heritage Fund: benefiting local charitable organizations involved in Heritage with an emphasis on, but not exclusively related to weaving and associated educational purposes.

Friends of the Surrey Museum Fund: Admission to your museum has been generously sponsored by the Friends of the Surrey Museum & Archives Society through Endowment Fund income. 

Food for Everyone Fund: This fund was established to increase food security in Surrey and reduce hunger

John & Drew Hartree Memorial Fund: To help those at risk of homelessness get back on the road to sustainability.


Keery Park Fund:  Keery Park is a legacy to the City of Surrey, with upkeep funded through this endowment.

Lionel Courchene Park Legacy Endowment Fund: The purpose of this fund is to support enhancements to Lionel Courchene Park in perpetuity for the enjoyment of the community, including those involved in the game of baseball.

Sher Vancouver Endowment Fund: This fund supports Sher Vancouver LGBTQ Friends Society's core and critical programs and services that benefit a vulnerable and marginalized segment of the population.

Surrey Art Gallery Association: Raises funds for Surrey Art Gallery’s exhibitions, publications, programs, and projects.

Surrey City Orchestra Society Endowment Fund: building an endowment fund helps us to plan for long-term goals to grow the organization. These long-term goals could include more educational programs that foster a love of music in youth and professional training for aspiring musicians.

Surrey German School Endowment Fund: Supporting the activities of the Surrey German School.

Surrey Minor Softball Endowment Fund: Supporting the initiatives of minor softball in Surrey.

Surrey Public Library Legacy Fund: Inspiring people to build a better future through the power of knowledge. Surrey Libraries open doors to lifelong learning, information and ideas.

Surrey YMCA Endowment Fund: supports the Tong Louie YMCA.

SurreyCares Operating Endowment Fund: A fund that was established for the purpose of supporting
the operations of the Foundation.​​

Seventy Times Seven Times Fund: The purpose of the Fund is to support organizations and programs within the community aimed at assisting those suffering from mental illness, and in particular, organizations and programs that provide addiction counselling, treatment and support services.

The Surrey Sports Museum Fund:  This fund celebrates Surrey’s athletes who have demonstrated the mental fortitude and commitment to take their athletic performance to a high level. 

UNITI Fund:  Income from this fund will be disbursed to UNITI through the Semiahmoo Foundation on an annual basis. The funds will support tenants at UNITI partner Peninsula Housing Estates Society properties to remain in stable housing. 


Jim Bennett Trust Fund: Established in 2018 for the purpose of distributing funds to registered charities. We value opportunities to join with other partners in supporting services and programs, internationally with food, shelter and healthcare access, nationally with clean water access and locally advanced education for youth

Kinsmen Lodge: for capital projects in support of Kinsmen Lodge activities

​Keery Park Flow-Through Fund: The purpose of this fund is to support the development of a nature trail system for Keery Park.

Race2Resurface: Organized by Ocean Park Athletics, the Race2Resurface fund has been established to support the resurfacing of the South Surrey Athletic track. 

SurreyCares Operating Flow-Through Fund: This fund was established for the purpose of supporting the operations of the Foundation.​​

The Surrey City Orchestra Society: The purpose of this fund is to support organizations and programs within the community aimed at assisting those who work towards the purpose and vision of the Surrey City Orchestra Society. Additionally, to enhance the public’s appreciation of the arts by establishing and sustaining a professional orchestra that produces and performs live musical concerts; to advance education by providing orchestral music education for children and youth residing in the City of Surrey.


Challenge and Cheers: Healthy competition to create a healthier community. The SurreyCares Community Foundation is creating a challenge in benefit of our Seniors Fund. A select group of local Professional Advisors e.g. Law and Accounting Firms will be challenging each other on an employee per capita basis to see who can raise the most funds! The winning firm will be awarded a “coveted” trophy from the SurreyCares Community Foundation.