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Grant bolsters Realistic Success Recovery Society’s ongoing counselling services

We have granted $1,000 to Realistic Success Recovery Society as part of our Smart and Caring Surrey Community Fund to help them continue providing outreach and counselling so that unhoused, incarcerated and at-risk adults in Surrey can recover and heal through accessible, supportive recovery services.

Pictured are Susan Sanderson, the Executive Director and Co-Founder of Realistic Success Recover Society, as well as Residents of Trilogy House One and Christine Buttkus, Executive Director of SurreyCares.

Realistic Success Recovery Society provides an ethical and caring long-term recovery program for residents who wish to recover and heal from their addictions. For the past years, they have supported like-minded individuals seeking to mend from addiction, abuse and homelessness in a safe, supportive and structured environment thus facilitating a holistic recovery. In effect, their vision is to be recognized as a community leader in the delivery of their residential addiction recovery program.

Co-Founder and Executive Director of Realistic Success Recovery Society, Susan Sanderson, expressed that “this grant from SurreyCares will give us the capacity to extend our working time and meet the needs of people who are seeking our help.” During the COVID-19 pandemic, their Recovery Works Outreach Program was offered and is currently efficiently working on helping more people recover.

This grant is made possible through the Smart and Caring Surrey Community Fund which grants with the most flexibility, giving to the causes of greatest need in Surrey including the arts, heritage, immigrant integration and the environment.

Executive Director of SurreyCares, Christine Buttkus shared that “we are so grateful to be able to support Realistic Success Recovery Society with two of our grants as their programs are fundamental to community members in need of accessible recovery services. We know this grant is going to an amazing initiative and will touch many!”

The Smart and Caring Surrey Community Fund connects donors with community causes and is delivered across sectors to support multiple charitable organizations, projects and initiatives that benefit the community and citizens of Surrey. The support of vulnerable populations is wide-ranging, far-reaching and ongoing.

To find out more about Realistic Success Recovery Society, visit their webpage at



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