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SOS Children’s Village British Columbia (Canada) Society

Our mission is to provide homes, a supportive community, and programs to help foster children and youth in need grow into caring, self-reliant adults.

We provide family-based foster care for children and youth in our communities through our Village model in Surrey. This includes support to caregivers, youth, and kids through residential services, program and support services, and wraparound care.

We believe in keeping siblings together and in family strengthening, creating a sense of community and belonging, and in educating and empowering children to become contributing members of society.

SOS Children's Village BC's model of care is donor-funded, with only 12% of our charity's funding coming from the government.

Youth who are aging out of care are one of the most vulnerable populations during COVID-19 due to their unique needs.

From trying to live independently, managing the transition out of foster care, to the challenge of sustaining themselves during a pandemic, it can be a truly fearful time for our young generation. They have few adults to turn to, limited financial stability, and feelings of isolation and loneliness that can become extreme.

SOS Children's Village BC is committed to touching base with all of our youth on a day-to-day basis so we can respond to their needs at any given moment, bestowing them warm feelings of belonging and support in the Village community.

Any amount you are able to give will help with providing them the essentials like PPE, cleaning materials, food, toiletries, remote education tools, virtual social connection, advocacy, counselling, and other emergency aid.

SOS Children’s Village BC is among the many charities that have experienced a significant drop in donations since the start of the crisis, in addition to the loss of thrift store revenue. Without this income and faced with extraordinary needs on the front lines, we are turning to our village of compassionate people: YOU.

Thank you for your support.


    Children & Youth, Homeless, Indigenous Communities, LGBTQ2S+


    Education, Health & Wellness, Living Standards

For more information or to support our work

Contact Information:

Michelle Bernard

Director of Development

604-574-2964 ext. 108

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