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Today, you can help feed 52 hungry families, 204 hungry mouths. To do this, we need to raise $5,000 - and every donation helps! Join NSTEP in feeding hungry kids at 2 Surrey Schools. NSTEP’S mission is to educate and motivate children to EAT better, WALK more and LIVE longer. We want children to have healthy habits for life which they need to learn, practice and apply at an early age, so they do not suffer from preventable chronic diseases later in life. This is a time fraught with tension and change for all of us, but the impact on families who have already been living with a lot of stress is multiplied due to COVID. In particular, accessing enough healthy food for a family who has minimal income has become much more challenging. Using schools as the vehicle for delivery of food eases the burden for those families who do not speak English, do not have the transportation or do not understand how to go to the food bank. Support staff from 2 Surrey NSTEP schools have been shopping for groceries and delivering to the families. If they are lucky enough to receive a weekly delivery, the allotted amount is between $17-$20 per family. Your gift today will help ensure these families have the food they need. Thank you for your support. Because sometimes, we all need a little helping hand.


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