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‘Surrey Sports Museum’ dream comes to life with a new Endowment Fund, founded by Ironman athlete.

The Surrey Sports Museum Endowment Fund aims to create a new Surrey Sports Museum in Downtown Surrey, thanks to a launch donation from an avid Ironman competitor and CEO of the Surrey Downtown Businesses Improvement Association, Elizabeth Model. In 2018, Elizabeth was the first woman to compete in every Ironman race in the world. She has raced on every continent and plans to continue racing at sites around the world.

Elizabeth Model, completing her most recent Ironman Race.

The SurreyCares Community Foundation will steward the fund, which has been kick-started with a $1,000 gift from Elizabeth after she completed her 100th Ironman triathlon.

The museum would commemorate Surrey’s athletes who have demonstrated the mental fortitude and commitment to take their athletic performance to the highest level. The fund intends to showcase, profile and inspire athletes who have roots in Surrey. This may include developing a permanent exhibit space and exhibits in Surrey’s City Center.

Bill McNamara - former Surrey Fire Fighter, community advocate, volunteer, sports enthusiast, and talented athlete

The idea for the Surrey Sports Museum was the vision of the late Bill McNamara, a former Surrey Fire Fighter, community advocate, volunteer, sports enthusiast, and very talented athlete. He was also an avid participant in the World Police and Fire Games well into his senior years, garnering more than 50 medals. He was inducted into the games’ hall of fame in 2015. In 2010, he received Surrey’s Good Citizen Award and was honoured with several other awards. One of Elizabeth’s hopes is that one of the first exhibits funded would acknowledge Bill’s accomplishments.

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