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Media Kit

The SurreyCares Community Foundation is not-for-profit charitable organization that provides funding to charities, financial administration of funds and Vital Signs Report research for the community of Surrey, British Columbia.


We draw community service agencies together to form a network of organizations and societies for the exchange of ideas, support, energy, and encouragement. SurreyCares was established in 1994; one of 191 community foundations across Canada under Community Foundations of Canada, each serving their community.


Better known as a “charity for charities”, we serve the people of Surrey by providing reliable, enduring philanthropic tools and opportunities to community-minded individuals, families, businesses, non-profit agencies, and fundraising groups.

Our vision for Surrey . . . 
A giving, connected community
Our mission is to:
Inspire Donors, Grow Endowments and Invest in People

Our Story

Established in 1994, SurreyCares has Francisca and Edwin Darts to thank for seeding our very own community foundation. The Darts created a trust for the land to be preserved as a botanical garden for a millennium. They wanted to make sure that the stunningly beautiful Darts Hill Garden Park they created could be enjoyed for generations to come.

Their original endowment of $200,000, which got the Surrey Foundation going, now stands at $4 million. With our management, their legacy will provide an estimated $4 million in interest over the next 25 years, monies that will finance improvements and upkeep in the garden. Their original investment is still intact, and yet their gift will continue for many generations.


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John Lawson

Board Chair

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Executive Director

Media interviews will be scheduled, please email requests along with details about the focus of your story and provide a list of questions to Put "Interview Request" in the subject line.

Logo and Photos
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