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Pathfinder Youth Centre Society

At Pathfinder Youth Society, we hold deep respect and admiration for the diverse cultures, religions, developmental experiences, and perspectives of every young adult within our program. Our services are delivered with mindfulness, honesty, sensitivity, and an unwavering commitment to the safety and well-being of all individuals involved. We firmly believe that young people and their families possess immense potential and can be an invaluable societal resource. Therefore, our interactions and connections with our clients, young individuals, and their families are built upon a mutual trust and respect. Our primary focus lies in equipping them with essential life skills, education, and employment training, which serve as the building blocks for a self-sufficient and independent future.
Our mission is to provide positive and accessible avenues for education, life skills development, employment training, and recreational opportunities for young people and their families.
Our vision entails establishing a nationwide network of centers dedicated to offering a secure and supportive environment, promoting well-being, fostering mentorship, and celebrating cultural diversity for young individuals and their families.


    Children & Youth, Homeless, Immigrants, Indigenous Communities, LGBTQ2S+, Persons with disabilities or special needs, Women


    Community Connections

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Contact Information:

Ruth Lee

Executive Director


CRA Registration Number

88361 5601 RR0001


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