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Nisa Home

Nisa Homes, which is a group of transitional homes for women and
children, primarily those who are immigrant, refugee, non-status and Muslim and any woman in need of help. Nisa Homes has 6 homes across Canada, including one located in Surrey BC, for which we are asking for financial assistance. Our primary mission through these homes is to empower women to heal from trauma, regain their confidence and equip them with tools to start afresh. We provide accommodations for up to three months and services such as case management, counselling, workshops, activities, outreach and referrals to assist clients on restarting their lives after experiences of intimate partner violence, homelessness or forced resettlement. Our approach is holistic and outcomes-focused in nature, to ensure we are able to help these marginalized women build a sustainable future, where they can become self-sufficient and independent.
Due to COVID, we have experienced a significant increase in the number of calls for shelter and assistance across lower mainland due to social distancing and self isolation restrictions. This has led to significant gaps in the community. For example, due to loss of jobs, or ineligibility to work, a lot of our clients, both within and outside our home are unable to make ends meet. As a result, their mental health is suffering and as a result is impacting their ability to care for and support their children. Unable to find answers, feeling isolated already as many are fleeing abuse and are newcomers, these vulnerable women are struggling. Due to our limitations of staffing and funding, we are unable to address these gaps but hope that through this 50 k assistance we can:

1.Hire a relief and outreach worker to support clients outside the home by developing a remote casework program to offer wraparound services to those who may not need shelter but require supports such as information and resources navigation to access housing, income, employment etc.

- Provide increased


    Children & Youth, Immigrants, Women


    Community Connections, Health & Wellness, Living Standards

For more information or to support our work

Contact Information:

Zainab Ibrahim

Program Manager


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