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Lookout Housing and Health Society

Lookout provides vulnerable individuals with a range of housing, health and skills building supports. Our minimum-barrier services give individuals with few, if any, housing and support options the tools they need to achieve greater stability and quality of life. Most of the individuals served by Lookout cope with complex challenges that include severe poverty, mental health, substance use, chronic illness, mobility challenges and trauma. Lookout operates in 15 municipalities across the Lower Mainland, including Surrey, serving about 2,900 individuals daily. In 2019 we provided over 412,000 meals, prevented 21,130 overdoses and permanently housed 1,176 tenants.

Metro Vancouver's housing crisis continues to worsen, pushing more people towards homelessness. Lookout is providing individuals with a safe, affordable place to make their home. Our diverse housing portfolio meets individuals “where they are at”, offering a range of options from emergency shelters to non-market permanent affordable housing. Our onsite supports include case management, life-skills training, financial literacy programs, peer programing, onsite nursing and counselling. Our Outreach team connects with people living in the community, assisting them to access housing, health supports and community services. Lookout also operates resource centres where individuals can access food security programs, skill building opportunities, and connect to health and mental health services.

All Lookout donations are used to enhance service delivery. We strongly believe in investing in our communities to become safer and better for everyone. Lookout is Council on Accreditation (COA) accredited and has been named one of Maclean’s Top 100 Charities two years in a row.


    Homeless, Immigrants, Indigenous Communities, LGBTQ2S+, Persons with disabilities or special needs, Seniors, Veterans, Women


    Community Connections, Health & Wellness, Living Standards

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Contact Information:

Mary Campbell

Development Coordinator


CRA Registration Number

13069 5166 RR0001


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