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Espoir For All Society

We provide services to youth from low income families and refugees families, primarily in the inner city of Surrey. Before the shut down of programs due to covid, we primarily focused on helping youth with writing resumes, First Aid training, Naloxone Training, and volunteering in the community; primarily with the homeless population. As indoor gatherings were cancelled due to Covid restrictions, we began educating youth about mental health and addiction; through our youtube channel called Koffee With Kuda.
As programs are now reopening, we are expanding our education on mental health and addiction to youth in the inner city schools, as well as developing our curriculum further for youth to be aware of how to seek help and prevent traumatic experiences manifesting into life of addiction or crime.
Your financial support would help our program to better utilize social media and technology in order to reach more youth; educate, and empower our youth to battle trauma in its early stages. With enough financial backing, we would like to have a counsellor readily available to help our youth if they come across a traumatic experience but are not sure who to speak with. Counselling may be virtual, over the phone, or in person; depending on resources available.


    Children & Youth, Homeless, Immigrants, Indigenous Communities


    Community Connections, Education, Health & Wellness

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Kuda Mabiza

Youth Coordinator

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