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2023 Grant Application Process

The 2023 grant application portal is now closed.

Our funding priority in 2023 focuses on mental health, capacity development for local NPO's and grants that provide benefit to underserved populations in Surrey and that are led by those served. 

This year we have $53,319 in funding for the following grant categories -

Please read the information below before starting your application.

  • Grant applications are accepted online or by video submission, or via a site visit by the SurreyCares team.

  • If requesting a site visit please email -, for further details.

  • To make a video submission email

  • We recommend attending the SurreyCares grant application writing workshop on 30th March 2023, at 6:30pm. Follow the link to Register


All applications must;

  • Include your correct mailing and email address, all correspondence will be mailed to those addresses;

  • Either include a 15-character charitable registration number or your registered society number,

  • We accept applications from CRA-registered charities and organizations registered under the society act.

  • All grant applications must be submitted by Friday, April 28th, 2023 at 4:00 PM.


The process;

  • The application portal opens soon and closes on April 28th, at 4 pm. Late applications will not be accepted.

  • Adjudication by the Grants Reviewer Committee begins in May.

  • All applicants will be notified of the final decision by the end of June.  

  • Successful applicants must submit a final evaluation report by November 30th.

  • Final reports can be submitted in writing, through video, or through a site visit by the SurreyCares team.  Please note - failure to meet this requirement may result in exclusion from future grant application participation.


Grants Committee Review;

The Grants Committee is comprised of community members from Surrey who have diverse backgrounds. The committee reviews the applications and makes recommendations for funding to the Board based on;

  • How diversity, equity and inclusion principles and practices are part of their project.

  • The applicant includes individuals with lived experience, in decision-making.

  • There is a demonstrated need and demand for the project.

  • The outcomes of the project are clearly stated.

  • The organization has the capacity to deliver the project.

  • There is a clear benefit for the Surrey community and residents.

SurreyCares Community Foundation does not fund;

  • Major maintenance or rehabilitation projects for existing facilities

  • Organizations that have received funding for more than three consecutive years for the same project.

About the application;

The application is set out in 4 sections:

  1. The Organization (contact information, registered charity number or society number, list previous grants received from SurreyCares and describe your organization's mission)

  2. The Project (You will be asked the total project cost, how much you are applying for and how the money will be used. Describe the project, its goals, how the need for the project was determined, how many Surrey residents will benefit from the project, and how it will be evaluated)

  3. Authorization 

  4. Documents The required documents include a detailed project budget, a list of your board of directors, financial statements for the prior year, and the operating budget for the current year.

  • Each section must have all of the required fields completed before you can move on to the next section.

  • You can save your work and continue later. When you save the form you will be given a link that you will have to save in order to access the form when you wish to continue.

  • You will be given the opportunity to preview your application before you submit it.

For questions, or if you have any challenges applying online, please email

Successful applicants are required to complete a final evaluation of their projects by Nov 30th.

The learn about the 2023 grant application process or to preview the form, please follow the link below

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