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Other Funding Sources

We're passionate about supporting the work of charitable organizations in Surrey. We recognize that we can't do it on our own and have provided the following list to help you in your search for grant money to support your project.

Heritage Canada Endowment-Matching (in partnership with SurreyCares)


Up to $2,000,000 annually available in matching funds to an organization.


Canada Cultural Investment Fund – Endowment Incentives component encourages private donors to contribute to endowment funds for not-for-profit professional arts organizations, so they can access new sources of funding in the future. Raising capital and creating endowments gives these organizations greater capacity for realizing artistic expression by supporting their long-term stability.


Canadians are encouraged to support the arts by providing donations to an arts organization’s endowment fund. The government provides matching funds – of up to one dollar for every dollar raised from private donors – to create endowment funds or to increase existing ones.


Who can apply

An application to the Endowment Incentives component must be submitted jointly by a not-for-profit professional arts organization and an associated public foundation. Both parties must meet specific eligibility criteria.


Application deadline

December 1

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