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Surrey Community Relief Fund

This is a difficult time for everyone and we know those who are already marginalized in our community will be disproportionately impacted. We want every citizen in Surrey and the organizations doing crucial work on the ground to know that we’re here to support them.

After we reach and distribute the initial $500,000, we will continue to fundraise. This effort will continue for as long as there is a need. Our goal is to support as many of the groups providing front-line help as possible. As more money comes in, we will distribute it to more organizations.

Surrey is our community. We know we have many compassionate, caring and giving individuals, organizations and businesses. If you can afford to donate, please do so here. Help us give hope as quickly as we can.

The Surrey Community Relief Fund is focused on supporting non-profit organizations that are responding directly to the pandemic by offering supports to the most vulnerable populations in our community. These vulnerable populations may include the homeless, new immigrants and refugees, seniors, people with disabilities, mental health challenges, physical health, and others who may be negatively impacted by the COVID 19 pandemic.

Organized by SurreyCares Community Foundation, the Surrey Now-Leader, Surrey Board of Trade and The Saheli Foundation the goal is to raise $500,000. All the money is to be put to use in Surrey.

The first $500,000 will be shared amongst the following organizations:

  • Cloverdale Community Kitchen which recently launched a food delivery program for seniors in the Cloverdale area

  • Fraser Regional Aboriginal Friendship Centre supporting All Nations Youth Safe House (ANYSH) in Surrey which provides food and shelter to aboriginal youth

  • Surrey Food Bank which provides food to families living in Surrey and North Delta

  • Surrey/NorthDelta Meals on Wheels which provides home delivery of freshly prepared meals, mostly supporting the elderly

The Surrey Community Relief Fund is a way for individuals, philanthropists and businesses to contribute and support those organizations so that they can continue to do their work.


Thank You for Supporting Surrey Community Relief Fund 

     Videographer ; Cody Leung                                                                             Editor ; Sherry Wang

Thank you to all who have donated to the Surrey Community Relief Fund. During this campaign, over $88,000 was raised to help during COVID-19. Your gifts provided urgently needed relief to Cloverdale Community Kitchen, Fraser Regional Aboriginal Friendship Centre, Surrey Food Bank, and Surrey North Delta Meals on Wheels. Generous donors and partners working alongside SurreyCares helped individuals and families in great need.  Special thanks to  (insert partner names). As the fund comes to a close, we urge you to continue supporting the community by donating to our Smart & Caring - Surrey Community Fund.

Thank You


SurreyCares Community Foundation


The Saheli Foundation


Namrita Sandhu


Carol Davison 


Ravinder Punia


Kelly Rayter


Erin Anne Beirne

Bob Holmes

Kiran Narwal

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