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SurreyCares Community Foundation Announces Keery Park Endowment Fund & Flow-Through Fund.

A new branch grows for the SurreyCares fund tree as the community foundation establishes the Keery Park Endowment and Flow-Through Funds. The purpose of the endowment fund is to ensure that the park continues in perpetuity as a nature park for the use and enjoyment of the community; as for the flow-through fund, it will support the development of a nature trail system to allow visitors to see the beauty of the park’s woodlands.

Marylin and Don Buchannon, relatives to the Keery's

Keery Park was named to recognize the Keery family’s contributions to the community and is a legacy of their place in the history of the City of Surrey. The family donated the land for the park, so maintaining the park’s eponymous name is an essential objective of creating the endowment fund. John Keery farmed in the Kensington Prairie neighbourhood. In 1914 the parkland was initially acquired as part of a land swap with the Surrey School District for the Kensington Prairie Community Centre. Later on, in the 1940s, Robert Keery donated the land known as Keery Park to the City of Surrey. Both John Keery and his son Robert served as members of Surrey City Council. Keery Park covers a total of 17 acres and is located at 188 Ave and 28th Street.

The Keery family’s objective is to ensure that the park is preserved and enhanced for the community to enjoy. The vision for the park is to maintain it as a nature park where people can visit for picnics and develop a nature trail system to allow visitors to see the beauty of the park’s woodlands so that the community can enjoy it. This would also include implementing washroom facilities and picnic tables.

“The park has been in our family for over half a century now,” said Marilyn Buchannon, Granddaughter of John Keery. “It is good to see that it is finally being developed as time moves forward, and the area around the park is also evolving. We hope that SurreyCares, in partnership with the City of Surrey, can help us in this venture.”

For the park’s upkeep, the Keery Family made an initial contribution to establish the new endowment fund. Income from the Keery Park Endowment Fund will be disbursed to the City of Surrey annually to improve and enhance Keery Park in perpetuity.

Marylin Buchannon, Sonia Parmar and Christine Buttkus

“We are excited to work in partnership with the Keery Family, the City of Surrey, and the Community to grow this fund. This opportunity is particularly timely. As the community re-opens following the pandemic, having more natural spaces where community members can enjoy the health benefits of being outdoors will contribute to community well-being”, stated Christine Buttkus, Executive Director of SurreyCares.

“SurreyCares is pleased to work with donors in Surrey, such as the Keery Family,” said John Lawson, Board Chair of SurreyCares. “This fund will continue to enhance this beautiful spot that community members can enjoy for years to come.”

The campaign for the Keery Park Nature Trail initiative has started and is looking to raise another $10,000. Please visit the link below to donate:

Also, to donate and show support for Keery Park, please visit:

To learn more about Keery Park, click here:



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