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KD Khairah

Member, Community Cabinet

“To leave this world a better place than you found it” - a mantra that vibrates within every
great humanitarian, who has left his/ her footprints within the sands of time.

KD Khairah, his heart beats on this sentiment as he is a man with a vision; a vision to enable every person to dream of a better future and wake up to the reality of living that dream. A born entrepreneur, his journey to success began in 2003 and has led him to working with & enabling global Fortune 500 companies the likes of Google, American Express, Dell, to name a few, succeed through his expertise in matching the right people to their dream jobs and companies.
Currently the Founder of Khairah Group of Companies (KGC), built on the foundation of “changing lives for a better future” is a conglomerate of 8 companies each focused on bringing value through recruitment & HR service offerings.

Following in the footsteps of his benevolent ancestors and truly creating an “others centered” universe for himself and his companies, has seen KD contribute to the creation of the “DestinationOne Consulting Wellness Way” at the YMCA, a program that provided for membership opportunities including access to physical and mental wellbeing programs, to individuals of the greater Surrey community, regardless of their financial situation.

His contributions are not limited to just financial means, but extending himself, his time, and his presence, through volunteer chair at the SPEAT BC for 3 years as Executive Director.

KD and his team at destinationOne, Bloo, CanMar and other companies have their yearly giveback to the community through volunteering at the Surrey Food Bank. At the onset of the 2020 global pandemic, KD and team once again stepped up to provide a blanket of hope to those having been impacted by job losses, the opportunity to connect with employers through a free virtual Job Fair.

At the core of every venture, KD shows up with the intent of service, of value, putting aside all archaic highs and lows of society and connecting with people at a human level to make a difference, to transform lives, to lay the foundation for a vibrant tomorrow, for generations to come.
His latest tech start-up is the steppingstone of the next evolution of integrating work & life and this is his next contribution to not just the community of Surrey but the community of the World.

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