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Bobbi Terell

Member, Community Cabinet

Bobbi Terrell has been with the YMCA of Greater Vancouver for 7.5 years, she comes 14+ years working with Youth, and 20+ years of fundraising experience. For the last 9 years, Bobbi has been one of the Coordinators for a non-profit restorative justice program. Bobbi's passion for working with vulnerable people started at a young age, she recognizes the need for supports in the community and that we need a community of supports. She has been living and working in the Surrey/Delta area for over 10 years and recognizes this community is vast. Being a part of the Surrey Cares would provide an opportunity for her to bring her experience, community knowledge, network, and fundraising experience to help build a solid foundation. Bobbi stated 'our community has so much to offer, Surrey Cares is the platform for community partners to come together, collaborate and support those in need'.

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