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Sher Vancouver provides free crisis counseling, information, referral, peer support groups, community connections, volunteer opportunities, outreach presentations to combat bullying and racism. Sher Vancouver also offers an annual youth leadership award and produces short and feature-length social justice films for high schools, colleges, universities, and the educational market.

Sher Vancouver currently needs funds to pay for the production costs of our upcoming social justice feature documentary film - Emergence - Out of the Shadows. For more information on the film check out https://emergencefilm.net/

The film will be made available to high schools, colleges, and universities, along with a Teacher's Discussion Guide.


Explore the taboo topic of being gay and lesbian in the South Asian community of Metro Vancouver. Kayden tells a poignant story of family rejection and self-discovery while embracing his newfound family and life. Parents and their children discuss the struggles they have endured and overcome to preserve the family through generations to come. Success often means setting aside long-established culture and tradition for compassion, love, and acceptance.

Your donation will help pay for
• Honorariums for the Director and Editor and Director of Photography
• Honorariums for the Cast
• Equipment Rental
• Film Permits and Licenses
• Post-Production Costs such as colour correction and sound design and subtitles and captioning

This documentary film will empower and save lives and create a sense of community and critical awareness for South Asian parents with LGBTQ children.

People of all backgrounds will be able to relate to this film because it deals with issues of fitting in, belonging, acceptance, love, as well as possible experiences we all go through of discrimination, oppression, racism, and rejection and the impact this has on our life.

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Alex Sangha

Founder and Executive Director


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