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About Our Needs

Dan's Legacy provides trauma-informed and culturally sensitive counselling and life-skills programs to young people affected by mental health and addiction issues. We go directly to the youth wherever they are, we have no wait list and our services are free.

The majority of our youth clients have grown up in foster care or group homes, and have virtually no family support. Because of significant trauma as well as multiple placements throughout their childhood and teenage years, they are at high risk for homelessness, gang involvement, lifelong mental health issues, entrenched addiction, overdose and suicide.

We are there for these young people when they first ask for help, and work with them for as long as is needed. Our counselling programs are holistic, combining psychological principles of cognitive behavioural therapy and dialectical behaviour therapy with mindfulness. We also provide wrap around support which includes a food bank, weekly community dinner, specialized programs for Indigenous and LGBTQ2S+ youth, and a new job-skills training program planned for January, 2021.

We see the potential in all of these worthy young people, and help them to realize it themselves.

Donations to Dan’s Legacy go directly to our counselling and support programs, helping the youth to realize their educational, employment and recovery goals.

Contact Information:

Barbara Coates

Executive Director


For more information or to support our work

84162 1154 RR0001

Dan's Legacy Foundation


    Children & Youth, Homeless, Indigenous Communities, LGBTQ2S+


    Community Connections, Health & Wellness, Living Standards
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