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2022 SurreyCares Annual Community Grants

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This year we were pleased to be able to distribute $520,102.61 to our designated charity fund recipients and community grant recipients.

This year a total of $72,721.04 were distributed in community grants.

Community Grant Recipients were:


       - This program is designed to meet the needs of immigrant and refugee women who possess low-level              English communication skills, are new to Canada and are impoverished, along with facing participation            barriers such as lack of childcare.

       - The program supports families in crisis who need temporary care for their pets while the families

          access medical care, in-patient treatment programs, shelters, or social housing that cannot accept pets.

       - Shelter Movers Vancouver works with survivors of abuse to address barriers for victims about leaving                their violent partners. This program provides moving, security, and storage services to people across

          the Lower Mainland at no cost. This project aims to meet the growing demand and prevent any

          disruption of service in Surrey.

       - This project's main objectives are to provide peer support for improved mental health, social support to

           build friendships, and educational and learning opportunities through guest speakers and workshops. 

       - This project implements an online registration portal that eliminates face-to-face contact and

          safeguards information about clients, volunteers and staff. This system provides the security necessary

          for families as they upload private family information, including financial details to qualify for assistance.


        - The program aims to help seniors and people with disabilities by connecting them to critical resources             and programs. Through this project, the organization will be able to employ seniors and individuals                     with disabilities as well as provide valuable medical equipment and PPE resources to Seniors and the               disabled members of the Surrey community.

  • Diabetes Canada:  Amount: $5,000,  Project Title: D-Camps: Helping children with type 1 diabetes.

        - This project aims to help children live fulfilling lives despite diabetes. Diabetes Canada will run a                         specialized diabetes summer camp, or ‘D-Camp’ this summer.

        - The project aims to help individuals with Down Syndrome develop and maintain their knowledge in                   comprehension, reading, math, and monetary skills. This program is designed to focus on the                             individualized needs of each student and strengthen their confidence to learn in a normal                                     classroom setting.

        - This program aims to offer mental health and counselling services to youth with special needs                             prioritizing marginalized, vulnerable and/or newcomer youth (new immigrants and refugees).                               The program will offer ten free counselling sessions (each one hour in length) to families that have                     youth with special needs, as well as connect them to cultural and community resources best suited
           to their needs and providing them with basic supplies.

        - This program aims to provide employment opportunities and support to people with developmental                  disabilities by helping them reach out and connect virtually and in person in the Surrey community.

        - This summer camp program will enable children with disabilities or serious medical conditions in the                 British Columbia region to attend a fully inclusive summer camp. Most of these children have been                   excluded from mainstream camp experiences


       - This project aims to support youth from ages 10 to 24 and their families living in the South Surrey and                White Rock communities that are facing significant challenges such as social isolation, disconnection                from their familiesunstable housing, and mental health challenges such as low mood, high anxiety,                  and substance misuse.

  • PLEA:  Amount: $3,000Project Title: Taking Care of Ourselves, Taking Care of Others (TCO²)

       -  The TCO2 project provides workshops that are unique, interactive and empowering. These workshops               are designed and delivered by young adults who use monologues, role-plays and other engaging                     activities to interact with children aged 10-18.


       - This project helps famished children coming to school on Mondays while having little to eat each                          weekend. Food security is a fundamental right of our society; however, too many kids suffer from the                  lack of food security.



SurreyCares Community Foundation, in partnership with donors, made grants to the City of Surrey for Keery Park enhancements, to support the resurfacing of the South Surrey Athletic Track (Race2Resurface), and Surrey School District for support for youth and families with disabilities, and to post-secondary institutions including; Simon Fraser University, the University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, and Vancouver Community College to support scholarships and bursaries to graduating secondary school students pursuing post-secondary education through four of the SurreyCares's scholarship and bursary funds

We were also pleased to support YPI programming through which grants were issued to​ the Phoenix Society and S.U.C.C.E.S.S.

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