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2021 SurreyCares Annual Community Grants

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This year we were pleased to be able to distribute $438,983.13 to our fundholders and community grant recipients.

A total of $55,559.61 were distributed in community grants.

Community Grant Recipients were:


       - Atira Women’s Resource Society supports the street women, who need significant help, to keep

          themselves and their children safe. Their “Waaban Women’s Outreach Van” program will provide extra

          support to transwomen, Two-spirit, and transfeminine individuals. In 2020, more than 85% of the

          women supported by Atira Women’s Resource Society were Indigenous.

       - The program “Home Delivered Food Hampers” will help the people who require home delivery due to

          their illness and disability circumstances. The service is provided to all regardless of race, sexual

          orientation, and gender.

       - This program will support the public school youth from grades 4 to 12 irrespective of their socio-

          economic background, precisely vulnerable and at-risk groups, by providing help with financial,

          mental health, and wellness.

       - LOVE Organization provides support to a diverse group of youth. Through this program, LOVE 

          Organization will specifically support the most discriminated child. Teaching Advocacy will help LOVE

          Organization share with youth their rights and how to communicate concerns and issues.

       - Mamas for Mamas will provide fresh food to all the people who do not access it, irrespective of any

          specific community, because they understand that sufficient nutrition is a fundamental human right.

       - This program will provide services to marginalized and underserved communities in Surrey in 12

          different languages to help with mental illness, with counselors from diverse backgrounds. The funding

          will be helpful for Moving Forward Family Services in terms of providing almost all of the services free

           of cost.

       - Through the “Better Together Surrey” program, Paws for Hope Animal Foundation will provide services

           to all the vulnerable pet guardians to keep and care for their pets.

       - This program will provide healthy food services to all the clients in local community resources

          programs, including newcomers, refugees, seniors, youth, the disabled, Indigenous, un or

          underemployed, single-parent families, those struggling with addiction, etc.

       - Every year, the Surrey Christmas Bureau provides funds to families who are not financially stable to

          keep the glow on the face of their children during Christmas time, just like other families. This funding

          will help them to continue to generate that happiness among the families.


        - Through their “Equipment Loan Program”, the Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Society of British

           Columbia will provide equipment to all the registered ALS patients in Surrey irrespective of age,

           gender, ethnicity, and preference.​

        - The goal of this program is to create an interactive online map that shows users the current

           accessibility to various locations in their community (e.g. businesses, parks, parking, full-service gas

           stations, etc.). Users can submit accessibility reports of their experiences visiting the specified facility.

           This creates a tool that people challenged by disabilities and their families can use to be prepared for

            the various accessibility challenges they may encounter. This program will specifically benefit the

            community of Surrey and its residents by lowering accessibility barriers for those challenged by


        - The project will provide free cooking classes to the Students of Honour Secondary School. Earned

           credits through this program will get counted towards participants’ high school diplomas. Funding will

           help to accomplish its goal of keeping the youth away from criminal activities. 

        - According to the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights (Article 26th), “Education is the basic

           human right, and it should be provided free in elementary and some fundamental stages to everyone.

           So, the Semiahmoo House Society, through their “UNITI - Culinary Arts Program,” will try to increase

           the involvement of people with disabilities in the community by providing them access to education 

           and some practical skills training.

        - Spinal Cord Injury BC (SCI BC) helps people with spinal cord injuries (SCI), and related physical

           disabilities adjust, adapt, and thrive in their new lives, whether dealing with a recent injury or struggling

           with the ongoing challenges of living and aging with a physical disability. Through their two core

           programs (Peer Support and Information Services), SCI BC provides answers, social connections,

           educational opportunities, and unique life experiences for people living with spinal cord injury.

        - Through the “Customized Devices for People With Disabilities That Remove Barriers to Daily Living

           Program”, Tetra Society of North America will provide unique devices and equipment to the 2 to 92 age

           range and customized to each individual’s preferences. This organization serves people of all cultures,             backgrounds, religions, and orientations.​

        - The program will provide recreational services for children with disabilities and their family members

           with proper COVID safety precautions and physical distancing.


       - “Big Sisters Mentoring” provides youth with a caring adult they can turn to for advice, guidance, and

           friendship. This weekly meetup is so much more than just a social engagement. Matches discuss the

           tough stuff – how to make friends, overcome fears, deal with peer pressure and bullying, approach

           school and teacher relationships, start a first job, difficulties at home, and the many questions that

           children and youth are faced with these days.​

       - This project aims to reduce the stigma of mental illness, increase mental health literacy and create a

          supportive environment for youth to access help for mental health concerns. This project is being

          executed in 2021/22, in partnership with Surrey School District.​

  • Stigma-Free- Society:  Amount: $2,077.60,  Project Title: Student Mental Health Toolkit School Program.

       - Through this program, Stigma-Free Society will support all students in overcoming the prevailing

          stereotypes and biases of their mental illnesses, physical and developmental disabilities. 


       - Thanks to a special donation, a group of youth involved with the local Youth Philanthropy Initiative (YPI)

          and a local post-secondary institution unanimously recommended a grant of $500 to the Boys and

          Girls Club from the YPI funds. The team determined that the grant should be for youth projects for

          those aged 9-18 years and all genders. The YPI also wanted the projects to demonstrate long-term

          impact and have not received funding from SurreyCares this year. As our annual youth grants were 15x

          oversubscribed, this grant means one more organization was able to receive funding.

       - The Nest project symbolizes a place where individuals can be supported through connection,                            empowerment and stability.

          Located at the corner of Newton's 80th Avenue and King George Boulevard, the building will have 40

          residences. The program will include 16 supportive recovery units for people who have completed a

          90-day treatment program, and the remaining 24 will be for those experiencing or at risk of

          homelessness. The program's supports will focus on equipping residents in building their skills and

          becoming more independent.

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