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Vital Signs 2016

Report on


© Photo by Rick Chapman


The perspective of newcomers to Surrey is optimistic and hopeful. Newcomers enjoy life here, from the more affordable housing, feeling safe in their neighbourhoods, to the opportunities that they find in Surrey. They acknowledge some challenges, but even in those they are hopeful. In fact, many newcomers – over half –  report they feel a sense of belonging here.  Two thirds surveyed report they plan to still be here in five years….

2016 White Paper

Where our data comes from: Vital Signs analyzes secondary data from respected sources including Statistics Canada, Data BC, the City of Surrey, Fraser Health, the BC Ministry of Education, the Surrey School District, and Doctors of BC. The paper’s main contribution is primary data collected through a survey of Surrey newcomers. The Vital Signs survey asked respondents to evaluate nine key areas of their life in Surrey. These indicators and their average grades were as follows: Employment (C), Education (C+), Health & Wellness (C), Housing (C), Safety (D), Environment & Sustainability (B–), Arts & Culture (C+), Belonging & Community Participation (B–), and Overall Quality of Life (B–)….

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